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Rosemount Analytical

Gas & Liquid Process Analyzers

Process O2 Analyzers including the Model 6888

Process CO Monitors

NOx, CO Analyzers

Gas Chromatographs such as the Danalyzer 370XA and 700XA

Water Analysis Instruments

Valve and Damper Positioners such as Hagan Pneumatic Positioners

Recorders & Data Acquisition Systems 
Rosemount Analytical Products
Authorized Distributor
& Manufacturer’s Representative

The GPC 1500A formerly manufactured by Rosemount is now being supported by Esys®. Learn more about the Esys® GPC 1500.


OXY-THERM Oil-Fired & Gas-Fired Industrial Burners

FM/UL Approved Fuel Shutoff Valves including models
5000 Automatic Electric Shutoff Valve
808 Series Manual Shutoff Valve

8000 Series Electropneumatic Shutoff Valve
STO-A Vent Valve, Automatic Electric

SMARTLINK Intelligent Valve Actuator Assembly
and Control Interface High-Precision Control Valves

PSCheck Partial Stroke Technology
with Series 8000 Pneumatic Shut-off Valve

…and many more Low NOx burners are available. 
Maxon Products
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