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Setting the standard for industrial combustion equipment, Maxon is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial combustion equipment and shut-off valves with manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe.


Maxon, committed to providing quality products and services, has earned the distinction of being the first industrial burner manufacturer to receive ISO 9001 Certification.


Maxon's objective is to provide practical, real-world solutions to industrial heating needs. At Esys®, our solid commitment to research and development allows us to offer one of the most comprehensive and advanced product lines available in combustion equipment and valve technology, such as:

Combustion Equipment


  • Maxon Oxy-pilot
  • Gas Pressure Regulators
  • Prepiped Gas Trains
  • Series CBL & SC Pressure Blowers
  • Series FG Pressure Blowers
  • Model “LO” LIGHT OIL Supply Units
  • Gas Pilots

High Temperature Burners

  • WIDE-RANGE® Gas Burners
  • KINEMAX® Gas or Oil Burners
  • RAMFIRE® Burners
  • VORTIFLARE® Radial Flame Burners
  • MULTIFIRE® Dual Fuel Burners
  • OXY-THERM® Gas or Oil Burners
  • Series 300 OXY-THERM® Burners
  • OXY-THERM®> LE Gas or Oil Burners
  • KINEDIZER®> Gas Burners
  • UNI-RAD® Gas Fired Radiant Tube Burner System

Line Burners

  • Premix-Type Line Burners
  • Maxon-P/S Radiant Burners
  • P/S Radiant II Burners
  • RadMax Burners
  • Maxon APX® Burners
  • Series “66” AIRFLO® Line Burners
  • Series “LV” AIRFLO® Line Burners
  • Series “NP” & “RG” AIRFLO® Burners
  • NP-LE AIRFLO® Burners
  • Maxon CROSSFIRE® Line Burners
  • COMBUSTIFUME® Line Burners
  • LO-NOX Line Burner
  • Maxon “HC” AIRFLO® Gas Burners

Mixers & Mixing Tubes

  • PREMIX® Blower Mixers
  • Maxon Premixing Equipment
  • VENTITE Inspirator Mixers
  • Series “66” AIRFLO® Mixers

Nozzle Mixing Burners

  • Maxon Burner Nozzles
  • Maxon Model “400” OVENPAK® Gas Burner
  • Maxon Model “400” OVENPAK®-II Gas Burner
  • Maxon Series “67” TUBE-O-FLAME® Gas Burners
  • Maxon Model “500-SP” OVENPAK® Gas/Oil Burners
  • Maxon Type “71” AIR HEATER
  • M-PAKT Ultra Low NOx Burner
  • MEGAFIRE® Gas/Oil Burners
  • Maxon TUBE-O-THERM® Gas Burners
  • Packaged CYCLOMAX® Low NOx Gas Burner
  • Circular INCINO-PAK® Burners


Control Valves

  • Flow Control Valves
  • Series “A” Flow Control Valves
  • SMARTFIRE™ Intelligent Combustion Control System
  • SMARTLINK™ Intelligent Valve Actuator Assembly
  • SMARTLINK™ MRV Intelligent MICRO-RATIO® Valve Series


  • Maxon Shut-Off and Vent Valves General Purpose
  • Maxon Shut-Off and Vent Valves Hazardous Locations
  • Maxon ACTIONAIR® Valves
  • Series 8000 Air Actuated Valves
  • Maxon “Modular” Special Service Valves


Maxon equipment is used in the manufacturing of products that are a part of our everyday lives. Industries using our products include, among others, the following:

  • Automotive
  • Building Materials
  • Chemical
  • Container
  • Glass
  • Petrochemical/Refining
  • Plastics
  • Printing
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Food Processing
  • Textiles
Some of the heating applications used by these industries include: Baking, Curing, Drying, Heat Treating, Incineration, and Melting.


Development of products aimed at the control of emissions has continued to be the primary objective of Maxon's Research and Development efforts. This focus on emission control in new product design has brought some very impressive results.

OXY-THERM® Burners reduce emission levels by up to 70% when compared to other oxy-gas burners. CYCLOMAX® Burners produce the industry's lowest NOx and CO levels for nozzle-mix burners.

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