Trailer Mounted 25 MMBTU/HR Steam Generators

Portable Once-Through Steam Flood Generators For Rent and For Sale

Perfectly suited for oil field steam generation (enhanced oil recovery via thermal injection), our 25 MMBTU/HR input, trailer-mounted portable natural gas (or propane) fueled once-through steam generators (OTSG) are rated for a maximum pressure of 2,000 PSIG MAWP at 1,500 bbl/day and include:

  1. Generator Mechanical Description:
    • Approximately 880 ft2 25M Radiant section lined with ceramic fiber insulation
    • Approximately 6,000 ft2 high efficiency convection box, lined with castable refractory. Includes transition section to radiant target wall and stack
    • External feedwater piping with single block valve and check valve
    • Steam discharge piping with a single block and check valve
    • Steam generator mounted on a DOT rated trailer (Requires purple permit)
    • Two-pass feedwater heat-exchanger with two valves
    • Pigging elbows with bind flanges at the convection box and radiant section
  2. Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC-Based Fully Automatic Control System. Automatic control of:
    • Steam quality
    • Water flow
    • Combustion air flow
    • Fuel flow
    • FGR
    • Back pressure
    • Stack oxygen
  3. Instrumentation and End Devices
  4. Low NOx North American Burner with Automatic Flue Gas Recirculation System
  5. Blower and Motor Assembly (VFD equipped)
  6. Automatic Feedwater Hardness, Dissolved O2, pH and Temperature Monitor
  7. High Voltage Panel with 480 Volt Switchgear
  8. Feedwater Pump System and Pulsation Dampener
  9. Feedwater Pump VFD
  10. Stack and FGR O2 Control
  11. Code-Required Relief (set to 1,600 PSIG), Check, and Block Valves
  12. NFPA-Compliant Combustion Control System and Gas Train
  13. Operator Access Platforms
  14. Current State of California Boiler Operator Permit
  15. Estimated Fuel Usage 600 MCFD
  16. Power Usage Approximately 400 Amp, 480 VAC
  17. Feedwater Pre-Heater

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More Photos

Portable steam generator ready for transport
Ready for delivery. Assembled at our Woodmere facility in Bakersfield, California, USA.

Portable Steam Generator fully-assembled at Esys Side view of trailer-mounted steam generator and control systems Close-up view of instrumentation