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Whether you are working with AC drivers, general motion controllers, operator interface terminals, PLCs, RTUs, or SCADA systems, Esys® can help you determine the best surge suppression solution for your equipment using the best that Transtector has in its huge product line. Transtector is also a member of the Encompass and Accompany programs, partnering surge suppression with your systems integration.

Featured Products

AC Products

From service entrances to individual equipment protectors, we have multiple configurations to meet nearly any need.

DC Products

Transtector has a variety of DC current applications, from DIN rail mount to hard-wired.

Data Products

Stop surges from traveling along your data lines, causing errors and component damage.

Integrated Products

With indoor and outdoor surge-protected load centers and switch gear, Transtector has options for integrated telecommunications enclosures.

Power Quality Solutions

Transtector makes UPSs, regulators, conditioners, transformers, and PDUs to meet your needs.

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Featured Transtector Products:

Format Name
IEP 120-10 - Manual IEP 120-10 - Manual
Surge Protection Solutions for Hazardous Locations Surge Protection Solutions for Hazardous Locations

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